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Begin Your Journey to a Fulfilling Career in Dental Assisting

Classes start April 7th in Danville, CA


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Accelerate Your Career
in Just 12 Weeks!

Embark on a transformative journey with Indigo Career College’s Dental Assistant Certification Program in Danville, CA at Iron Horse Pediatric Dentistry.

Designed for immediate career entry, our accelerated 12-week curriculum blends online learning with hands-on clinical training, ensuring you are job-ready.

It's Your Turn to Succeed.

  • Land a Dental Assistant job post-graduation by utilizing Indigo’s Network of dental care providers.
  • Acquire skills to become an outstanding professional.
  • Learn with a flexible online curriculum and hands-on training.
  • Gain knowledge and experience for skills needed to become a certified Dental Assistant.
After 12 weeks of instruction, each student will work with our Career Services team to find the best placement option that works best for them. They will connect students with partnered dental offices in their area and will even set up interviews on the student’s behalf.
Our mission is not complete until each student has secured job placement!

Empower Your Future -
Become a Dental Assistant

Accelerated dental assisting curriculum designed by industry experts

Unique hybrid instruction that merges flexible online courses with in-person hands-on training sessions

The Indigo Network of dental offices provides externships and job openings

Interested in Indigo's full list of upcoming programs and locations?

Visit our locations page to find upcoming programs and their locations, availability, and more.

The Indigo Network – leading local dental offices that support students in three critical ways:


Network offices help shape curriculum to make sure students contribute on day one of employment


Network offices host externships when needed, providing students with critical real-world experience prior to employment


Network offices post open positions — actual jobs — that are available for student application upon graduation

Career College Comparison






Guaranteed job placement within 6 months or 50% tuition refund


9/10 graduates are placed in a job before graduation

Aligned financial interests


Can Work During Program
Affordable Tuition and flexible payment plans$6.5k-$8.5k$13k-$22k
Graduate sooner, start earning a paycheck earlier.



Accelerated Program (2-3 mo. vs. 8-12 mo.) + Externship

3 mo.8-12 mo.
Based on Expert Feedback
Hybrid Teaching Approach (in-person and online)
Taught in Dental Offices (vs. classrooms)
Prepares Students to Contribute on Day One


Local Dental Office Help Shape Curriculum, Provide Externships,
and Post Jobs


Small Class Sizes
Very Selective
Designed for Efficient and Effective Programs
"Great curriculum, wonderful staff, and team atmosphere! They will provide you with everything you will need to succeed."
Steven Walton
Previous student of Indigo